Coffee Tasting 101: A Quick Guide

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an art form. But what about coffee tasting? Like wine, coffee has unique flavors that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Coffee tasting is a skill that anyone can learn. And with this quick guide, you'll taste coffee like a pro in no time! This post will discuss the basics of coffee tasting and how you can get started. Keep reading.

A Quick Guide For Coffee Tasting

Coffee tasting is a skill that, with a little practice, anyone can learn. Some important steps to take are:

Drink A Glass of Water

Tasting works better when your palate is clean. So before coffee tasting, drink a glass of water (or eat something neutral) to cleanse your palette.

Start With Freshly Roasted and Ground Coffee

Use freshly roasted and ground coffee to get the most authentic coffee tasting experience. This will ensure that you're tasting the coffee at its peak flavor.

Smell The Brew Coffee

Coffee has a distinct and complex aroma. Take a deep whiff of your coffee before taking a sip. This will help you identify different notes and flavors in the coffee.

Taste The Coffee

Now for the fun part- take a small sip of coffee and let it sit on your tongue. As you taste, pay attention to the different flavors you're experiencing. You might taste fruity notes, chocolate, or even floral tones.

5 Essential To Specialty Coffee Tasting

Now that we've gone over the basics of coffee tasting let's discuss the five essentials of specialty coffee tasting.

N°1 Sweetness

Contrary to its bitter reputation, high-quality coffee generally has a sweeter flavor than lower-quality brews. Consider what types of sweetness you detect with each cup of coffee you drink, whether it's fresh fruit, honey, or darker caramel or molasses.

N°2 Body

The taste of coffee on your tongue is one of the most apparent characteristics for newcomers to detect. Is the coffee light like skim milk or thick like whipping cream? How does a coffee's body change based on its dose and brewing method?

N°3 Acidity

Acidity, one of coffee's most prized characteristics and one of its most misunderstood, adds brightness and depth to a coffee. 

N°4 Flavors

Beginning tasters frequently believe they can only detect coffee. That's a solid start. But take another sip and see if you can distinguish toasted almonds or candied walnuts in the flavor. Is there a floral scent, perhaps a rose or a gardenia?

N°5 Finish

A magical thing about a high-quality cup of coffee is that even 5 minutes after sip, you can still experience its flavors. We frequently use terms like "finish" and "texture." Is it brief or long-lasting? Is it rough or smooth? What is your final impression of it?

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