Making The Perfect Cold Brew

If iced coffee is your go-to drink during the summer, you'll want to check out the cold brew. Not only does it taste great, it is also low in acidity. There are a few different ways that you can make cold brew coffee. The most popular methods are:

N°1 Immersion Brewing

Immerse brewing entails combining cold water and ground coffee and letting it rest for several hours. After straining, you end up with a pleasant coffee that requires little effort. Because the acidic compounds in immersion cold brews are only extracted with heat, they are typically milder. 

N°2 Japanese Iced Coffee Method

This isn't technically "cold-brewed" since the coffee is brewed hot. But it isn't iced coffee, either. This technique involves brewing hot coffee straight onto the ice. Consider a pour-over device with a body of ice filled with the grounds.

The flavor of Japanese iced coffee is unlike any other cold brew coffee. The hot water extracts chemicals, giving it a bright, clean taste. The Japanese ice method has several advantages over conventional methods of freezing. This is the simple approach to making a cup of cold brew on the spur of the moment.

N°3 Ice Drip Brewing

The traditional Japanese cold brew coffee involves hanging the wet grounds in a cloth bag over ice for several hours before straining. This process is also known as Kyoto ice drip or Dutch ice drip, and it is only for those who are prepared to put out some effort. Ice drip brewing entails dripping cold water onto the coffee. Consider it as a reverse iced coffee.

The result is clean coffee with body and a wide range of subtle nuances. Because the sugars in the coffee are removed but not muddled by a lengthy immersion, floral and fruity notes are emphasized.

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