Specialty Arabica Coffee: A Complete Guide

Who doesn’t love the rich, smooth flavor of specialty coffee? Specialty Arabica coffee is becoming more and more popular every day. This type of coffee is grown in select regions worldwide, and it is known for its superior quality and delicious flavor.

In this post, we'll dive into what specialty arabica coffee is and its characteristics. Keep reading.

What Is Specialty Arabica Coffee?

Specialty Arabica coffee is a type of gourmet coffee that is made from the finest Arabica beans. These beans are grown in different regions of the world. The hand-picked coffee is then roasted to get the best out of the beans. This results in a rich, smooth flavor, unlike any other coffee.

There are two types of Arabica coffee beans, Typica and Bourbon. Typica is known as the first variety of species to be discovered. It's a low-yielding variety enjoyed worldwide for its outstanding cup quality.

Bourbon types are recognized for their more complex, balanced aromas and have evolved into many high-quality sub-varieties. Numerous Bourbon sorts have spread to match the regional climate, which only thrives at high altitudes.

The Characteristics Of Specialty Arabica Coffee

  • Unique Flavor

One of the most notable characteristics of specialty Arabica coffee is its unique flavor. This is because the beans are grown in different regions of the world. Each area has its own climate, soil, and altitude. All of these factors contribute to the coffee's final flavor.

The beans are long and low in caffeine. Arabica has a subtle and elegant fragrance. They’re thin, long, and have a higher acidity content that creates a sweet, sugary, and sometimes fruit-like taste. They're considered a delicacy and cost more to source.

  • Superior Quality

Specialty Arabica coffee is also known for its superior quality. The beans are hand-picked and then roasted to perfection. This results in a coffee that is of the highest quality.

Find Top-Notch Specialty Arabica Coffee At Primos Coffee Co

At Primos Coffee Co, we grow specialty arabica coffee high in the mountains of our family's farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. We freshly roast our beans in small batches at our facility in Texas.

Our coffee is strictly high-grown under shade trees, harvested by hand, thoroughly washed & naturally dried. Plus, our mild coffee has a medium body with low acidity. It is smooth, sweet, and pure as it is never blended with other coffees. Contact us today to taste our specialty coffee!