Tips To Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh

Do you love the fresh, rich flavor of specialty coffee? If so, it's essential to keep fresh coffee beans well stored. Storing them improperly can make them taste stale and bland.

This blog post will discuss ways to store coffee beans to keep them fresh for longer. Read this post to learn more about it!

Fresh Coffee Beans For Days: 6 Tips

N°1 Store It In A Cool, Dry Place

The first rule in storage is to keep your coffee beans in a cool, dry place. Room temperature is ideal for freshness. Prolonged moisture, heat, and air exposure are far from ideal for fresh coffee beans.

N°2 Don't Store It In Glass Jars

Storing coffee in jars that let in light is a bad idea, despite its attractiveness. 

N°3 Only Buy What You Intend To Use

Whether you prefer to French press the entire carafe every morning or enjoy a shot of espresso after dinner, the finest cup of joe is made with fresh beans. Buy only what you plan to consume in the next few weeks.

N°4 Don't Store It Near A Window

Light and heat can also destroy coffee beans, as air and moisture may harm them. When you buy them, placing them near a window will diminish their quality and taste regardless of how fresh they are. The pantry or a cabinet are ideal locations.

N°5 Store In A Non-Reactive Container

Some people like to keep their coffee in its original packaging, while others prefer to transfer it into their containers. If you put yours in a different container, be sure it's non-reactive. Ceramic, glass, and non-reactive metals such as stainless steel and tin are 

the best container choices for storing coffee.

N°6 Buy Unroasted Beans

When beans are roasted, their freshness begins to dissipate. You can store unroasted beans for up to a year. However, roasting coffee beans isn't for everyone. For most individuals, DIY roasting is simply not an option. It's easier to get coffees like Primos Coffee Co offers.

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