Cafecito #38 Specialty Coffee And Mug

Cafecito #38 Specialty Coffee And Mug

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Family, Tradition, Excellence - Qualities Shared by Primos and Cafecito!

Like the community where Primos is grown, Jose "Cafecito" Martinez's hometown of La Guaira, Venezuela, is steeped in hard work and resilience. Born the same year his father made his major league debut, baseball has always been a driving force in Jose's life. His family and community motivate him to be at his best. 

Coffee Profile

  • Premium Arabica coffee from our best micro-lots at our fourth generation family farm
  • Strictly high grown under shade trees, harvested by hand, European prepared and naturally dried
  • Produced sustainably with the highest standards for our fellow Nicaraguans and natural resources
  • Medium bodied with low acidity, smooth, sweet with citrus notes, consistent as coffee is never blended
  • Roasted in small batches upon order


  • Medium - Also known as city or regular roast, which is the most common roasting profile. The natural flavors of the beans are more dominant than the roast flavors and the finish is delightfully aromatic.
  • Dark - Also known as full city or French roast. The roast flavors dominate the natural flavors of the beans.
  • Both roasts available ground or in whole bean.

Free shipping on purchase of coffee bag with mug or 2 bags! 

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