Decaffeinated Single Serve Cups, 12 Cups Per Carton

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Coffee Profile

  • Premium Arabica coffee decaffeinated via the Mountain Water Process, a gentle process using only pure water from the Pico de Orizaba mountain to remove the caffeine while leaving the coffee flavors
  • 99.9% caffeine-free
  • Recyclable Eco Kups, 97% biodegradable
  • Compatible with most K-cup® style brewers including the new Keurig 2.0® 
  • Medium bodied with low acidity, smooth, sweet with citrus notes, consistent as coffee is never blended


  • Medium - Also known as city or regular roast, which is the most common roasting profile. The natural flavors of the beans are more dominant than the roast flavors and the finish is delightfully aromatic.
  • Dark - Also known as full city for French roast. The roast flavors dominate the natural flavors of the beans.

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