Delicious Decaffeinated Specialty Coffee From Nicaragua

Many times decaffeinated coffee is disappointing, and this is due to three reasons. First, inferior beans are used. Second, beans are decaffeinated via a chemical process that can be tasted in the cup. Finally, the roasting process is not adjusted for the nuances of roasting decaffeinated beans. 

At Primos Coffee, when we set out to create our decaf options, we wanted to overcome all three of these, create an exceptional decaffeinated coffee, and we are proud to say that we have met our goals! 

We used our same delicious specialty coffee beans, we decaffeinated the beans using a water process, and we perfected the roasting process for our decaffeinated beans. Whatever your reason for wanting coffee without caffeine, our decaffeinated specialty coffee will please your taste buds!


Decaffeinated Specialty Coffee Explained

Decaffeinated specialty coffee is a type of coffee that has been processed to remove 99% of the caffeine. You can do this either with chemicals or, as we did, with water. 

Our Decaffeinated Coffee Profile

  • Our coffee is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process. This gentle technique employs only pure water from the Pico de Orizaba mountain to remove the caffeine without altering the taste.
  • 99.9% caffeine-free.
  • It has a medium body with low acidity and is smooth, sweet, and citrus-flavored. Its flavor is consistent as coffee is never blended.
  • Roasted in small batches upon request.

Our Decaffeinated Coffee Processing Method

Mountain Water Decaffeination is a gentle process using only pure water from the Pico de Orizaba mountain to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans. Our unroasted coffee is soaked in the water to extract the caffeine. 

Along with the caffeine, other elements are extracted that are needed in the final coffee, such as flavors, sugars, and oils. This extract, containing both caffeine and tasty molecules, is passed through a charcoal filter that collects the larger caffeine molecules, allowing the water and the tasty molecules to pass through. The decaf extract now becomes the water base in which future batches of beans are soaked. 

Already at the maximum saturation of the tasty molecules, the decaf extract will now dissolve just the caffeine from this second batch of beans. The cycle can then continue until an entire lot of coffee has been decaffeinated.

Roasts & Grinds of Decaffeinated Coffee


  • Medium: Also known as city or regular roast, which is the most common roasting profile. The natural flavors of the beans are more dominant than the roast flavors, and the finish is delightfully aromatic.
  • Dark: Also known as full city or French roast. The roast flavors dominate the natural flavors of the beans.


  • Medium: Texture similar to sand and used for drip brewing.
  • Coarse: Texture similar to sea salt and is ideal for slower brewing methods such as French press, percolator, and cold brewing.
  • Fine/Espresso: A powdery texture which is the most efficient grind for extracting the coffee's flavor and is best used with quick brewing methods such as espresso.

Get Leading Decaffeinated Specialty Coffee At Primos Coffee Co.

If you want to try the most delicious decaffeinated specialty coffee around, look no further than Primos Coffee Co. We offer a variety of roasts and grinds to choose from, so you can find the perfect cup of coffee for your taste.

Also, our processing method of decaffeination preserves the delicate flavors and aromas of the coffee beans, resulting in a delicious cup of coffee that you will enjoy. Get your 12oz bag of decaffeinated specialty coffee at our website today!