Most Common Coffee Roasts

The flavor of food changes depending on how it is cooked, including the temperature and length of time. This holds true for coffee as well and is described by the roast level. When coffee beans are cooked, or roasted, for less time, the roast is lighter and the flavor of the beans is more dominant than the roasting flavors. On the other hand, when coffee is roasted at higher temperatures and longer times, the roast will be darker and the roasting flavors dominate over the bean flavors. 


Each roast level has a unique taste with the most common coffee roasts being: 

Light Roast 

Light roast, also referred to as blonde, tends to be weaker with more pronounced acidity. The coffee will have a light body with grain-like flavors. The beans will be a light brown color with no oils.

Medium Roast

Medium roasted beans will be medium brown in color with no oils on the surface. Also known as city or regular roast, medium roast is the most common roast profile. The natural flavors of the beans are more dominant than the roast flavors and the finish is delightfully aromatic. A heavier body will be noted along with subtle flavors and pleasant acidity.

Dark Roast

Dark roast can also be called full city or French roast. The roast flavors dominate the natural flavors of the beans and the body is heavy. The beans are dark, oily and will produce a bold flavor with bitter notes.

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