Best Source For Unroasted Coffee Beans

As with most products nowadays, online is the best place to find your ideal unroasted coffee. First, the wide selection allows you to browse growing regions, varietals and processing methods. Second, the convenience is unbeatable as you shop from home, checkout without a hassle and receive your beans on your doorstep. Finally, the retailer should provide details that allow you to make an informed choice and include verified customer reviews of the beans.

 Several things should be considered when purchasing green coffee:

  1. Where were the beans sourced? Different regions produce coffee with distinct characteristics. Each origin has their own typical characteristics. For example, Central American coffees are normally well-balanced, smooth, sweet with cacoa notes while Ethiopian coffees usually have bright acidity with flower and fruit notes.
  2. What specialty coffee varietals are offered and what are their flavor profiles? Specialty coffee will score 80 points or above on a 100-point scale defined by the Specialty Coffee Association. Each varietal has its own unique aroma, flavor, acidity, body and aftertaste. 
  3. How was the coffee processed? Coffees can be washed, natural or honey processed. The method impacts flavor and roasting profiles.
  4. Does the seller have knowledge about the farm? It is important to know that a coffee is traceable to the source to help ensure the coffee was produced ethically and sustainably.
  5. Is shipping included in the price and is better pricing available for larger quantities? A reasonably priced bean often becomes expensive when shipping is added. Also, because of the long shelf life, it is worth inquiring about quantity discounts.

Not only does Primos come from the single origin of Nicaragua, it comes from a single estate, our family’s farm. As such, the terroir (soil, topography, and climate) where the coffees were grown is the same, along with the processing method. This makes it exciting to try our different varietals since you can really taste the difference due to all production aspects being held constant. All of our coffees are fully washed, which results in a clean cup of coffee, and our coffees are balanced, mild and low in acidity.