Keeping Coffee Fresh

Whether at the start of your day or the end of dinner, nothing quite beats the rich flavor of a cup of specialty coffee. Proper coffee storage is essential to keep the flavors intact and this blog covers our coffee storage tips. 

Cool, Dark and Dry Storage

Coffee needs to be protected from heat, light, oxygen and moisture. Generally, room temperature in a pantry or a cabinet is perfect. The fridge or freezer and transparent storage are far from ideal. Packaging that is opaque and sealed is best.

Only Buy What You Intend To Use Fairly Soon

The finest cup of joe is made with fresh beans. Buy only what you plan to consume in the next few weeks.

Store In A Non-Reactive Container

Some people like to keep their coffee in its original packaging, while others prefer to transfer it into other containers. If you put yours in a different container, be sure it's non-reactive. Ceramic or stainless steel are the best container materials for storing coffee.

Primos Coffee Co's Bag - The Perfect Storage Bag

Our coffee bags have been designed to keep your coffee fresh. They are triple-lined with a one-way valve to allow for degassing of the freshly roasted coffee. Our coffee is packaged just after roasting and heat sealed. The bag comes with a zip-lock for resealing after the first opening. Get some Primos today and keep it in our bag in the pantry or cabinet to ensure freshness!