Buy Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans from Nicaragua

Coffee has been a morning staple for years. The first sip of coffee is always the best part of starting your day, and there's no better way to start than with a tasty cup of coffee! 

Interested in trying different roast levels? At Primos Coffee Co you can find the roast level that best matches your coffee preferences! Primos Coffee Co offers the best specialty roasted coffee in Texas. Our family has perfected our practices and processes throughout generations. We are committed to providing our customers with the best coffee experience.

 Please, keep reading if you're interested in buying freshly roasted coffee beans in Texas. 

What To Expect From Our Freshly Roasted Coffee 

Freshly roasted coffee is the best because of its superior taste, freshness, and the ability to appreciate specialty coffee beans. We offer two different roasted specialty coffee beans: 

  • Medium Roast 

A medium roast has a heavy flavor on the cocoa and caramel notes. This roast is perfect for those who like a richer, fuller flavor. Medium roasts include hints of smokiness and chocolate. The acidity is lower than light or medium roasts. 

  • Dark Roast

Our dark roast coffee beans are roasted for longer periods of time at higher temperatures. The dark roast is the darkest and most intense type of roast. It has a bittersweet chocolate flavor with smoky undertones. This results in a very dark and oily bean for those who prefer stronger and bolder flavors. 

Buy Freshly Roasted Coffee From Nicaragua

One of the most important decisions you have to make for specialty coffee beans is finding a quality source. There are many different variables in specialty coffee beans, which means there are many opportunities to match your preferences. 

Interested in buying the best freshly roasted coffee grown in Nicaragua? Visit our website to find the best specialty coffee in Texas! 

We offer medium roast and dark roast, whole bean or ground. Whether you like your coffee and caffeinated, decaffeinated or half-caffeinated, we’re your best choice! Our coffees are classic, clean, well-balanced, crowd-pleasing, the kind you want to drink on your morning routine.