Primos Coffee - Specialty Coffee Beans in Texas

If you want your morning cup of coffee to taste perfect, you need to consider the factors that influence your experience such as coffee species, processes and quality. Selecting premium quality coffee beans that are farmed, harvested, and processed with the highest standards can help ensure you will have an enjoyable drink. 

Through three generations, we have perfected our processes to ensure a great cup while maintaining sustainable farming practices. We have 93 years of experience in the coffee industry, and we take pride in providing you with the best coffee we can produce.

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What Makes Primos Coffee Different 

Family Grown Since 1929 - Nearly 100 Years Of Experience

    In 1929, Don Felipe began growing Arabica coffee on his farm in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. Over the years, our family perfected his processes, ensuring the finest specialty coffee is sustainably produced with the highest standards for our fellow Nicaraguans and our country’s natural resources. 

    Our Coffee Cherries Are Hand Picked In Jinotega, Nicaragua

      Protected by a canopy of shade, the coffee cherries develop slowly over eight months, enhancing their flavor. The ripe cherries are harvested by hand then wet-milled with the remaining seeds, or beans, fermented for 36 hours. The beans are fully washed and then naturally dried in the hot sun and fresh air. 

      Purchase Directly From The Farmer - High Quality and Ultimate Freshness 

        Our direct trade model allows for strong relationships with our customers. 

        We export the best lots from our most recent harvest directly to our Texas facility. Our premium green, or unroasted, coffee is stored in hermetic bags and maintained in our climate-controlled facility for ultimate freshness. 

        We Only Offer Specialty Coffee - The Highest Grade Of Coffee Available

          We only offer specialty coffee cultivated at high altitudes with careful attention. Certified tasters or accredited graders assess the flavor and quality of coffee. On a 100-point scale, specialty coffee is reserved for coffee that scores 80 or higher. Our low-acidity, specialty coffee boasts smooth and sweet characteristics.

          Trust Primos for All Your Coffee Needs

          Whether you are an experienced home roaster or want to experiment and taste freshly roasted coffee, Primos Coffee Co is the best choice for purchasing specialty coffee. We offer unroasted coffee beans for those who wish to roast their coffee, as well as freshly roasted coffee in a variety of choices including medium or dark roast, whole bean or ground, caffeinated, decaffeinated or half-caffeinated. 

          For generations, our family has worked to perfect our processes and offer you the best coffee. When you purchase from us, you are directly supporting our sustainable farming practices in Jinotega, Nicaragua. 

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