Shop Ground Specialty Coffee from Nicaragua

Are you interested in discovering which coffee is your favorite? Trying different roasts, grinds and types can help you find your favorite match. At Primos Coffee Co, we offer the best specialty coffee, hand picked from our farm in Nicaragua

Whether you need medium, coarse or fine grind, we have it! Please, keep reading to learn more about each grind and which method is the best for you. 


  • Medium Grind - For Drip Brewing

A medium grind is ideal for those who enjoy drip brewing. If you have a drip machine it will work as well. You can also use very fine mesh filters. The ground coffee is soaked in water and then allowed to brew until it is fully extracted and ready to drink.

  • Coarse Grind - For French Press Or Cold Brew 

Coarse grind coffee beans are best for use with french presses or cold brews. The coarse grind allows more room for the water to flow through it, resulting in a fuller body coffee beverage due to the increased surface area exposure of all those delicious specialty coffee beans oils.

Lastly, this specialty coffee bean grind works well when making cold brews because it doesn't get clogged at the bottom as fine particles do.

  • Fine Grind - For Espresso

A finely ground coffee has a powdery texture. The finely ground coffee has a lot of surface area exposed in the water and therefore requires very little time to extract the flavor.

Fine grind is perfect for those who love espresso coffee. Finely ground coffee is for espresso machines because the coffee spends very little time in the water. The fine grind helps the water flow through more easily and extract all of those delicious flavors.

Buy Specialty Coffee Beans From Nicaragua

Interested in buying specialty coffee beans from Nicaragua. Primos Coffee Co offers the best specialty coffee beans for those who are interested in trying new brewing methods. We are ready to match your desires. 

Whether you need whole specialty coffee beans, roasted ground coffee, decaffeinated, or caffeinated coffee, Primos Coffee Co can help!