Primos Coffee Company is single estate specialty coffee that has been family grown since 1929. Unroasted green coffee beans are offered in a three pound resealable bag. These arabica beans are fully washed, from the farm's best lots and have a very low number of defects. Perfect for home roasters. All bags ship free.

Unroasted Green Coffee Beans, 3 Pounds

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  • Premium Arabica unroasted green beans from the best micro-lots at our fourth generation family farm.
  • Strictly high grown under shade trees, harvested by hand, European prepared and naturally dried.
  • Produced sustainably with the highest standards for our fellow Nicaraguans and natural resources.
  • Beans are exported in Grain Pro bags and maintained at our Texas facility in a temperature controlled environment.

  • Specialty green coffee beans with 5 or less defects and no primary defects per 300 grams.

  • Moisture content between 11-12%.

  • Choices include Caturra or Parainema.
Caturra - This natural mutation of Bourbon is the benchmark Central American coffee from which all others are measured in the region. Well-known for its rich sweetness and gentle profile, it is a well-balanced, smooth coffee. Its sweetness is complemented by a distinctive citrus acidity and pleasant cacao notes.
Parainema - A large bean with a unique cup profile that is bright, balanced, smooth with unmistakable tropical fruit notes. Other highlights include caramel and vanilla. The coffee has a medium body with a creamy mouthfeel that lingers.

    For larger quantity of unroasted green beans, click here for 25 pound option.

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